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Premium Fresh Rose Bouquet - Champagne Roses (White Wrapper) - 99 roses

Premium Fresh Rose Bouquet - Champagne Roses (White Wrapper) - 99 roses

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LéSiL 99 Premium Roses Bouquet, a stunning floral masterpiece that transcends the ordinary and speaks the language of love with unparalleled elegance. This luxurious bouquet is a symphony of romance, featuring 99 exquisite roses carefully curated to convey a message of deep affection, enduring passion, and timeless commitment.


Each rose in the LéSiL 99 Roses Bouquet is handpicked for its pristine beauty and symbolic significance. The number 99 holds a profound meaning in the language of flowers, expressing a love that is boundless, eternal, and filled with admiration. This lavish arrangement goes beyond the traditional dozen roses, creating an opulent and unforgettable gesture that will leave a lasting impression.

Each petal in the LéSiL 99 Roses Bouquet whispers sweet words of love, and the overall arrangement speaks volumes about the depth of your feelings. Whether it's a celebration of a special occasion, an anniversary, or a grand romantic gesture, this bouquet is a symbol of enduring love and commitment.

Presented in an elegant wrapping, LéSiL 99 Roses Bouquet is not just a gift; it's a declaration of love that transcends words. Make a statement that will be remembered for a lifetime with this extraordinary bouquet, a timeless expression of love that goes beyond the ordinary.

Product Details

Made with fresh flowers
Longevity: around one week
Perfect gift for Valentine's Day, Marriage Proposal, Anniversary, Birthday, etc

Product height: 60-80cm
Product weight: 4.5kg
Blooms: Premium Roses

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Fresh Flower Care Tips

1. Add water regularly.

2. Store the bouquet in a dry and cool place. Avoid direct sunlight.

3. Do not place the flower bouquet near fruits, plants, and electric appliances.

4. Remove any petals that show signs of wilting or damage.

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