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Premium Ecuadorian Rose Bouquet - Red Roses (White Wrapper) - 99 roses

Premium Ecuadorian Rose Bouquet - Red Roses (White Wrapper) - 99 roses

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LéSiL 99 Premium Ecuadorian Rose Bouquet
a symbol of passion, love, and beauty. Handpicked from the lush landscapes of Ecuador, these roses boast a level of elegance and vibrancy that is unmatched. Let the romance bloom with this stunning arrangement, each petal whispering tales of affection and desire.


Premium Ecuadorian Roses, renowned for their exceptional quality, are cultivated in the rich volcanic soils and ideal climate of the Andes Mountains. Their large, velvety petals and deep red hue make them the epitome of luxury and love. Grown at high altitudes, these roses develop a unique intensity and fragrance that sets them apart, creating a sensory experience that captivates the heart.

99 Roses Flower Language
In the language of flowers, the number 99 carries profound significance. Representing an everlasting bond and a love that transcends the trials of time, each of the 99 roses in this bouquet communicates a message of eternal & forever love. It is a grand declaration of love, a gesture that goes beyond words to express the depth of your emotions.

As you present this magnificent bouquet, imagine the recipient being enveloped in the fragrance of 99 Ecuador Roses, each petal whispering tales of passion and commitment. The deep, resonant red hues of these roses symbolize the intensity of your emotions, making it an ideal gift for anniversaries, engagements, or any occasion where love takes center stage.

Whether adorning a romantic celebration or serving as an unforgettable gesture of affection, the 99 Ecuador Roses Bouquet is a testament to the extraordinary beauty and symbolism that Ecuador Roses bring. Elevate your expression of love to new heights with this breathtaking bouquet this Valentine’s Day, a true masterpiece that encapsulates the timeless magic of roses from the heart of Ecuador.

Product Details

Product Details:
Made with fresh flowers
Longevity: around one week
Perfect gift for Valentine's Day, Marriage Proposal, Anniversary, Birthday, etc

Product height: 60-80cm
Product weight: 4.5kg
Blooms: Ecuador Roses

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Fresh Flower Care Tips

1. Add water regularly.

2. Store the bouquet in a dry and cool place. Avoid direct sunlight.

3. Do not place the flower bouquet near fruits, plants, and electric appliances.

4. Remove any petals that show signs of wilting or damage.

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